Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Historicon 2019

This past weekend was Historicon 2019, at the new location in downtown Lancaster the Lancaster County Convention Center.

Off the bat, I'd say our entire group loved the new location, we ran six games over the weekend and did not have issues unloading or taking down games at all. My only complaint would be noise levels in Commonwealth room, which I know others have noticed as well. I think the new venue is a huge improvement over the Host and this will likely be Historicon's future home.

We left Chicago Wednesday afternoon to make our trip a bit more bearable,and stopped outside Cleveland Wednesday night. Thursday morning we pushed through to Sharpsburg and did a 5 hour battlefield tour of Antietam with author John Michael Priest. This is highly recommended as Mike is a fellow gamer and gave us a fantastic historical overview of the battle and some ideas on how to better game it. You can take a look at his tours here.

Phil, Mike, Mark and Chris taking the Sunken Road

Friday gaming went into full swing, Ed ran three full What A Tanker games that had a great amount of new players in addition to some children playing, which is always great to see! Our games were all among the Lard America group, who all put on some fantastic looking games. Ed Leland's Malaya and Patrick Berkebile's French Indochina games were personal highlights to me.

On Saturday Chris and I ran our Guadalajara, 1937 game we previously ran at Little Wars this year we had a full game of five players, all who had played CoC before, so made running the game a lot easier. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and we ended with a Nationalist Pyrrhic victory as they did not control the Palacio but managed to break the International Brigade and would of pushed through. The Anarchist player on the Republican side had probably the best dice rolling I've ever seen, barely taking any losses with Green troops the entire game.

Post battle positions

Unstoppable Anarchists

Game in motion (thanks for the mug Patrick!)

Saturday afternoon Mark ran his Russian vs Prussian SYW Sharp Practice game, which I sadly do not have pictures of as Chris and I were playing in a Samurai game at the same time. Ed ran his Jacobite scenario Saturday night and won his second PELA, so big congrats to him to bringing another trophy home to Chicago!

Ed receiving PELA #2
Going to dump a selection of photos I took from the other games we played in and other interesting ones I saw. Was a great trip and got to catch up with people based out East and enjoy a new convention venue.

Circus Mad Maximillian

Great Samurai game put on by Kalissa and David Skibicki

Huge Mogadishu game by Peter Panzeri