Sunday, March 22, 2020

With No Conventions in Sight...

These were some new miniatures / terrain that I had planned on using for my Moby Dux! game I was running at Little Wars.  Since Little Wars is now canceled, I figured I would share some of what I had prepared.  The goal of the game was for each of the five players to pick up the most "loot" using the Dux Britanniarum rules from Too Fat Lardies.  There were numerous flocks of sheep and goats, several buildings as well as the dead whale on this picture that could all be used as loot.  Each time you "looted" a flock, it would run off in a random direction.  Our play test was a hoot and I'm really disappointed the convention had to be canceled, but I plan on putting it on once we get on the other side of this.

The field is an old Architects of War resin terrain piece I finished painting a few weeks ago.  I picked it up a couple of months ago "new in the box" at an estate sale they held at Games Plus.  It's a beautiful piece of terrain and makes you appreciate the wonderful work you can do in resin.  It's a pity their business blew up, but unfortunately just because you make a great product, it doesn't guarantee a successful business.  That field is heavy enough to break your foot if you happened to drop the field on top of it.

If you're wondering why there would be an estate sale at a gaming store, there is a good reason.  It turns out that you really can't take it with you when you die.  And unfortunately for most of us, it means a massive collection of miniatures and gaming paraphernalia needs a home when a gamer passes away.  So Games Plus worked with 3 different estates of gamers who passed away in the last few years and put on a massive "estate sale" filled with these three different collections.  If your spouse or significant other complains about your collection, just show them this!  Seriously, this isn't even all the things that were on sale - this is only what I could fit in my field of view.

The dead whale was purchased from Majestic Miniatures, and was 3-D printed.  There are a couple of 28mm figures added to the picture for scale.  It's about 10" long, so impressively large.  I purchased a few miniatures including the whale, all 3-D printed from this vendor.  The prices were reasonable and the service was fast.  You can find the whale here if you're interested in one of your own.  This was my second foray into 3-D printed miniatures, and my overall complaint is the same.  Namely, the ridges that get left on surfaces that should be smooth.  This whale is considerably better than some old ruins I purchased last year and probably isn't even noticeable in this picture.  But I was annoyed as I was painting.  A couple of the other pieces I bought from Majestic didn't exhibit the "ridging", but they also didn't have the large amount of gently curving surfaces either so I think it comes mainly down to the specific figure.  And to be clear, I'm very happy with the price, service and overall figure.  Next time I'll take some very fine sandpaper if I run into a figure with a little ridging.  Live and learn.

Until we can game again!!!