Monday, April 19, 2021

Culloden, 1746

Last Friday we got together to do a recreation of the Battle of Culloden to mark the 275th Anniversary. We used Sharp Practice, which took some time for us to remember how to play since we have not done much black powder gaming recently. 

Bonnie Prince Charlie surveys his troops

Government forces prepare for the Jacobite charge

Ed took the reins as Bonnie Prince Charlie, controlling the center and left of the Jacobite line. While I was commanding Lochiel's regiment on the right as Donald Cameron. 

Mark took the role of infamous "Butcher" Cumberland and Myles his lieutenant,  the Earl of Albemarle.

The battle opened with the Prince taking the initiative, Jacobites on the left began pushing forward with supporting cannon fire accompanying them.

Garde Écossaise advances on the left


The opening turns favored the Jacobites with initiative draws keeping their advance going. Consistent fire from the Garde Écossaise and artillery pushed back one Government regiment allowing the Jacobite cavalry to advance. Government cavalry pushed into the gap and a melee ensued, the Jacobite cavalry was able to scatter the Government horse, a duel ensued between Lt. Col John Mordaunt and Capt. O'Shea over the King's colors! In the our first ever duel, duel Lt. Col. Mordaunt was able to wound the Jacobite commander and return to his lines with the colors.

The Duel begins

Mordaunt regroups with his survivors, and the colors

Meanwhile on the right, Lochiel's regiment push forward along Culloden Park towards the Government left, fighting off a charge of light cavalry successfully. At this point on the right, fortune began to favor Government forces, with consecutive Government turns allowing the Earl of Ablemare to pour fire in the Lochiel's. Much like the real battle, many losses were suffered by the Jacobites along the wall.

Lochiel's men fend off a charge

But are quickly cut to pieces...

With much action on the flanks, the Jacobite center finally began to move, surging into the breach as the Government forces were scrambling to secure their flanks. Farquarson and McIntosh managed to get stuck in with two Foot regiments and send them fleeing from the field, but this would be the "High water mark of the Jacobite cause" as more Government forces were able to stop the Jacobites in their tracks and due to losses force them to flee the field. 

Both forces had started with 11 morale in order to see if we could go the distance of the scenario, we finished with the Government forces at 4 and the Jacobites at 0. Which would be classified as a Pyrrhic victory for the Government, with the Jacobites coming close at times, just needing an extra line to follow up on their gains. 

Farquarson and McIntosh make the great Highland Charge!

Butcher Cumberland throws himself into the Government line to stop the Jacobite advance

Bonnie Prince Charlie laments his forces fleeing the field...and plans his escape to France

The Jacobites raise a toast to their glorious failure