Friday, September 13, 2019

2019 Deep Dish Lard Day Game Schedule!

We have created our draft Deep Dish Lard Day schedule, this could still be subject to change but we are really happy to have 13 games being run across seven tables!

In total, the games being run will have space for 62 players, hopefully we will be seeing you in October at Noble Knight!

To sign up, please contact me at, for now we are going to try and reserve 50% of game slots in order to allow walk ups on the day of. I will try and update with which games have RSVPs as soon as I can.

Deep Dish Lard Day 2019 Schedule - October 12th, 2019

9:45 to 10:15 AM - Game 1 Setup
10:15 AM to 1:00 PM - Game 1 block

  •  Mr. Lincoln Sees the Elephant
      • 28mm, Sharp Practice 2, Terry Mayne, Four players
        • Blackhawk War, 1832, a Young Abraham Lincoln experiences combat for the first time.
    • Save the Whisky lads!
      • 28mm Sharp Practice 2, Ed Harding, Four players (One of two RSVPs)
        • Jacobite Rebellion, 1745. British government forces have stolen the local clan's Whisky, the Jacobites must prevent them from escaping with it!
    • Burma WW2
      • 28mm Chain of Command, Paul Scrivens-Smith, Four players (One of two RSVPs)
        • British vs Japanese in the jungles of Burma during World War Two.
    • A Hard Day for Charlie Company
      • 20mm Chain of Command: DMZ (Vietnam Variant), Liam Harding, Four players 
        • C Company of the 187th airborne is tasked with probing Hill 900, just east of Hamburger Hill
    • 1944 - Western Front
      • 28mm Chain of Command, Phil Roberts, Four players
        • Americans vs Germans somewhere in France, 1944
    • Brody, Russia 1941
      • 15mm, What a Tanker! Al Muelling/Clyde Holmes, Six players
        • The Battle of Brody tank battle fought in the triangle formed by the towns of Dubno, Lutsk, and Brody between 23 and 30 June 1941. It is known in Soviet historiography as a part of the "border defensive battles".

    1:00 PM to 2:00 PM - Game 1 breakdown/Game 2 setup
    2:00 PM to 6:00 PM - Game 2 block

    • Brazen Chariots
      • 28mm What A Tanker! Mark Huml, Eight players. 
        • Western Desert melee, Italians, Germans and British involved.
    • Kidnapped!
      • 28mm, Sharp Practice 2, Ed Harding, Four players 
        • Jacobite Rebellion, British Government forces have captured Jacobite General Alan Breck Stewart. The Jacobites must rescue him!
    • Bag the Hun!
      •  Bag the Hun, Paul Scrivens-Smith, Six players
        • Air combat above Britain, World War Two.
    • Stretched Thin
      • 20mm, Chain of Command: DMZ, Liam Harding, Four players
        • After a friendly fire incident, US Paratroopers work to evacuate wounded under a Vietnamese assault.
    • 1944 - Western Front
      • 28mm Chain of Command, Phil Roberts, Four players (One of two RSVPs)
        • Americans vs Germans somewhere in France, 1944
    • Overloon, Holland 1944
      • 15mm, What a Tanker!, Al Muelling/Clyde Holmes, Six players
        • Largest tank battle fought in The Netherlands during World War II. Seeking to destroy the German threat that was centered on the crucial crossroads town of Overloon, the British 2nd Army launched a series of offensives. The battles that occurred were often fought in torrential rains and marked by heavy casualties on both sides.

    • Battle at Turks Head Tavern, 1777
      • 15mm, Sharp Practice 2, Jim Heniff, Four Players
        • American War of Independence, Chester Co. Pennsylvania. After his defeat at Paoli, "Mad" Anthony Wayne sends a detachment to Turk's Head Tavern (modern West Chester, PA) seeking revenge against supposed Tories in Chester County Penn. Meanwhile a Loyalist and Hessian force learn of the Rebel's movements and try to intercept Wayne's forces and interrupt their plans, whatever they are?

    Monday, August 19, 2019

    Deep Dish Lard Day!

    Wanted to give everyone a heads up that Lard America Midwest will be hosting the first ever "Deep Dish Lard" at Noble Knight Games in Fitchburg, Wisconsin on Saturday, October 12th. Gaming will be from 10 AM to 6 PM, current plan is for two blocks of games beginning at 10 AM and 2 PM.

    We hope local Lardies will be able to join us, we are still working on a game schedule but there will be CoC, CoC: DMZ, WaT and SP from early musings. As soon as we have a concrete game schedule it will be shared here or on the Lard America Facebook Page

    If you are interested in possibly running a game let me know via email at

    Tuesday, July 16, 2019

    Historicon 2019

    This past weekend was Historicon 2019, at the new location in downtown Lancaster the Lancaster County Convention Center.

    Off the bat, I'd say our entire group loved the new location, we ran six games over the weekend and did not have issues unloading or taking down games at all. My only complaint would be noise levels in Commonwealth room, which I know others have noticed as well. I think the new venue is a huge improvement over the Host and this will likely be Historicon's future home.

    We left Chicago Wednesday afternoon to make our trip a bit more bearable,and stopped outside Cleveland Wednesday night. Thursday morning we pushed through to Sharpsburg and did a 5 hour battlefield tour of Antietam with author John Michael Priest. This is highly recommended as Mike is a fellow gamer and gave us a fantastic historical overview of the battle and some ideas on how to better game it. You can take a look at his tours here.

    Phil, Mike, Mark and Chris taking the Sunken Road

    Friday gaming went into full swing, Ed ran three full What A Tanker games that had a great amount of new players in addition to some children playing, which is always great to see! Our games were all among the Lard America group, who all put on some fantastic looking games. Ed Leland's Malaya and Patrick Berkebile's French Indochina games were personal highlights to me.

    On Saturday Chris and I ran our Guadalajara, 1937 game we previously ran at Little Wars this year we had a full game of five players, all who had played CoC before, so made running the game a lot easier. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and we ended with a Nationalist Pyrrhic victory as they did not control the Palacio but managed to break the International Brigade and would of pushed through. The Anarchist player on the Republican side had probably the best dice rolling I've ever seen, barely taking any losses with Green troops the entire game.

    Post battle positions

    Unstoppable Anarchists

    Game in motion (thanks for the mug Patrick!)

    Saturday afternoon Mark ran his Russian vs Prussian SYW Sharp Practice game, which I sadly do not have pictures of as Chris and I were playing in a Samurai game at the same time. Ed ran his Jacobite scenario Saturday night and won his second PELA, so big congrats to him to bringing another trophy home to Chicago!

    Ed receiving PELA #2
    Going to dump a selection of photos I took from the other games we played in and other interesting ones I saw. Was a great trip and got to catch up with people based out East and enjoy a new convention venue.

    Circus Mad Maximillian

    Great Samurai game put on by Kalissa and David Skibicki

    Huge Mogadishu game by Peter Panzeri

    Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    Pavlov's House - Version 1

    The Scenario:

    Over last few years have been putting together forces for 15mm Barbarbossa, using Mark Fastoso's Fireball Forward! rule set. Last year I had the idea of trying to create a Pavlov's House terrain board, considering most FF scenarios can be played on a 4x4 or a 3x4 board.

    This was first test of a Pavlov's House scenario with three platoons of Germans supported by armor attacking two platoons of Soviet infantry dug in the apartment complex and surrounding buildings. James and I commanded the Germans, while Lt. Pavlov was played by Fil supported by his Comrade Commissar Eric.

    Reference Map
    If you are interested in a scenario breakdown, please comment and I can send you forces/ratings, feedback is welcome!

    Initial table layout (3'x4') is trying to remain close to the reference map. I still need to purchase some more apartment blocks, as ideally Pavlov's House should be multiple stories high. But for now, a destroyed factory was a placeholder.

    Shell crates provided cover for infantry advancing as to not get gunned down easily crossing the square leading up to the House. The tram and rail lines both provided cover for infantry as well.

    German infantry prepares to come on
    Turn 1 the Soviets stayed hidden, while Germans poured onto the board. Both German infantry platoons, supported by light mortars pushed in from the Milk House, supported by a platoon of Pioneers in half-tracks to their left.

    As soon as Germans attempted to push into the craters the Soviet infantry opened up and getting enough hits to slow down the first German infantry platoon. The German's quickly attempted to lay down smoke to cover their advance, but the eastward blowing wind only helped the Pioneers advance, while leaving the infantry in the open.

    Smoke attempts to slow Soviet fire
    Mad dash across the square!

    Getting held up on the push towards the house, James, the German commander on the right flank pushed his armor down the main street hoping to put pressure on Soviets to reveal their positions. One Soviet 45mm gun quickly appeared in a crater outside the mill, but its shots ricocheted off the Panzer 4, which quickly returned fire and destroyed the gun and its crew.

    Russians appearing in the apartment block across from Pavlov's House were quickly pinned down by fire from the armor as well as the second German platoon who shifted positions to try and advance.  This German advantage was quickly countered by a hidden Soviet sniper who killed one German squad and made the German's think twice about advancing.

    Sniper gets a crossing German squad
    Being stuck on both flanks, the Germans pushed forward aggressively, and their Panzer 3 quickly discovered the second 45mm gun hidden in the rubble of an apartment block. This gun did not miss its opportunity and quickly set the Pz3 aflame.

    The pinned Russians quickly rallied from a good roll on their Commissar table, that allowed them to rally all units in their second platoon and obtain a free action.

    Za Rodina Comrades!
    By this point the Germans were close to admitting defeat, having their left and right flank advances stopped by relentless Russian fire. The Pioneers managed to make one last assault into the trench outside Pavlov's House and one brave squad even managed to get inside, but it was too little too late and comrade Pavlov and his platoon were able to hold off the German assault in the end.

    Final Positions

    Take Aways:

    Scenario obviously needs tweaking as this was the first attempt, but think Germans could either use more armor support or another platoon of Pioneers, as the infantry was quickly pinned down trying to cross into the buildings.

    Soviet forces felt good overall, but the sniper was very effective, I may consider removing him scenario as they do slow down advances very quickly.

    Saturday, May 18, 2019

    Relief of the Sidwar Crossing

    Last night, we got together to try out Ospreys "Men Who Would Be Kings" once more, the scenario played out very cinematically and was good fun. The rules are very simple, but keep game going fast, after a few turns in we seemed to not need to use the QRFs very often.

    The games character traits given to leaders added a bit of fun when commanding the units and helped build a story during the game. 

    The Forces:

    • Two units of Gurkhas led by Brave Lt. George Channer and a Cad named Sgt. Kulbir Thapa
    • Three units of 51st Rifles led by Captain Charles Grant, enjoying his new commission given to him by his Uncle, Lt. Donald Stewart loved by his men and Lt. Frederick Roberts, who was just plain ugly.
    • Brits also had one unit from the 17th Lancers, lead by an idiot Lt. Michael Allman
    Pathans, split between two rival tribal leaders, the drug addicted Sarbaz Jafar and the son of the local Emir, Kaheem Kahn.
    • Jafar had two groups of cavalry under his command along with three units of infantry armed with modern rifles.
    • Kahn had four commands of infantry, reserving the modern guns for his own unit, his three other commanders were armed with old muskets and swords (meaning they could only fire at 6 inches or less).
    The Scenario
    Somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan a small detachment of Gurkhas were tasked with escorting the local Colonel's daughter through the Sidwar Valley.

    Lead by brave Lt. George Channer, two units of Gurkhas deployed onto the table after sighting a horde of Pathans approaching their position. Desperately waiting for reinforcements to appear on the horizon.

    Gurkha's seek cover as Pathan's approach
    The first turn the Pathans swarmed the board, rushing to reach the Gurkha positions before reinforcements could arrive.

    Gurkhas immediately began opening fire at the rushing Pathans, knocking down a few but not slowing the advance. On the left flank Jafar's cavalry charged into the Gurkhas commanded by Lt. Channer and are met with some withering fire. Kahn's rag tag infantry closed the distance to the Gurkhas and assaulted, despite superior numbers they were thrown back twice. But despite their heroic defense, only Sgt. Thapa survived the melee and quickly decided it was time to leave.


    Dagar Azaal "The Gun Enthuiast" charges into the Gurkhas
    Despite his best attempts to flee, the Pathans caught up to Sgt. Thapa who is cut down in the riverbed as he tried to make it back to his own lines.

    By this time, the British relief column has arrived, lead by Lt. Allman, who promptly realizes he left his good riding gloves back at camp and after failing a few activation rolls falls back to the board edge.

    "Relieve the Gurkhas lads!"
    "On second thought....I forgot something!"
    While Lt. Allman tries to figure out his damned compass, the Pathan attack on the Gurkha right falters. After beating back the cavalry charge, Jafar fails two unit morale tests in a row and the Pathan's break. Causing panic in the ranks of the tribal infantry.

    Disappearing Pathans
    Kahn's forces continuing to try and push towards the bridge and the Colonel's daughter, but quickly meet the now turned around lancers as well as the British foot who gun them down as they try to occupy the riverbed. Khan Bakt "The Merciful" brings shame to himself as he flees from the lancer charge, while Dagar Afzaal "The Gun Enthusiast" and his command are to killed to a man by Lt. Stewart's advancing infantry.

    By this point, the Pathans have had enough and decide to retreat. Leaving the badly bloodied Gurkhas on the field, while Lt. Allman claims his brilliant feigned retreat with the Lancers has won the day, he is expected to promoted to Captain shortly.