Friday, September 13, 2019

2019 Deep Dish Lard Day Game Schedule!

We have created our draft Deep Dish Lard Day schedule, this could still be subject to change but we are really happy to have 13 games being run across seven tables!

In total, the games being run will have space for 62 players, hopefully we will be seeing you in October at Noble Knight!

To sign up, please contact me at, for now we are going to try and reserve 50% of game slots in order to allow walk ups on the day of. I will try and update with which games have RSVPs as soon as I can.

Deep Dish Lard Day 2019 Schedule - October 12th, 2019

9:45 to 10:15 AM - Game 1 Setup
10:15 AM to 1:00 PM - Game 1 block

  •  Mr. Lincoln Sees the Elephant
      • 28mm, Sharp Practice 1, Terry Mayne, Four players (One of two RSVPs)
        • Blackhawk War, 1832, a Young Abraham Lincoln experiences combat for the first time.
    • Save the Whisky lads!
      • 28mm Sharp Practice 2, Ed Harding, Four players (One of two RSVPs)
        • Jacobite Rebellion, 1745. British government forces have stolen the local clan's Whisky, the Jacobites must prevent them from escaping with it!
    • Burma WW2
      • 28mm Chain of Command, Paul Scrivens-Smith, Four players (One of two RSVPs)
        • British vs Japanese in the jungles of Burma during World War Two.
    • A Hard Day for Charlie Company
      • 20mm Chain of Command: DMZ (Vietnam Variant), Liam Harding, Four players 
        • C Company of the 187th airborne is tasked with probing Hill 900, just east of Hamburger Hill
    • 1944 - Western Front
      • 28mm Chain of Command, Phil Roberts, Four players
        • Americans vs Germans somewhere in France, 1944
    • Brody, Russia 1941
      • 15mm, What a Tanker! Al Muelling/Clyde Holmes, Six players
        • The Battle of Brody tank battle fought in the triangle formed by the towns of Dubno, Lutsk, and Brody between 23 and 30 June 1941. It is known in Soviet historiography as a part of the "border defensive battles".

    1:00 PM to 2:00 PM - Game 1 breakdown/Game 2 setup
    2:00 PM to 6:00 PM - Game 2 block

    • Brazen Chariots
      • 28mm What A Tanker! Mark Huml, Eight players. 
        • Western Desert melee, Italians, Germans and British involved.
    • Kidnapped!
      • 28mm, Sharp Practice 2, Ed Harding, Four players (One of two RSVPs)
        • Jacobite Rebellion, British Government forces have captured Jacobite General Alan Breck Stewart. The Jacobites must rescue him!
    • Bag the Hun!
      •  Bag the Hun, Paul Scrivens-Smith, Six players
        • Air combat above Britain, World War Two.
    • Stretched Thin
      • 20mm, Chain of Command: DMZ, Liam Harding, Four players
        • After a friendly fire incident, US Paratroopers work to evacuate wounded under a Vietnamese assault.
    • 1944 - Western Front
      • 28mm Chain of Command, Phil Roberts, Four players (One of two RSVPs)
        • Americans vs Germans somewhere in France, 1944
    • Overloon, Holland 1944
      • 15mm, What a Tanker!, Al Muelling/Clyde Holmes, Six players
        • Largest tank battle fought in The Netherlands during World War II. Seeking to destroy the German threat that was centered on the crucial crossroads town of Overloon, the British 2nd Army launched a series of offensives. The battles that occurred were often fought in torrential rains and marked by heavy casualties on both sides.

    • Battle at Turks Head Tavern, 1777
      • 15mm, Sharp Practice 2, Jim Heniff, Four Players
        • American War of Independence, Chester Co. Pennsylvania. After his defeat at Paoli, "Mad" Anthony Wayne sends a detachment to Turk's Head Tavern (modern West Chester, PA) seeking revenge against supposed Tories in Chester County Penn. Meanwhile a Loyalist and Hessian force learn of the Rebel's movements and try to intercept Wayne's forces and interrupt their plans, whatever they are?


    1. I don't see the date here, just times. What's the date again?

      1. October 12th, 2019 10 AM to 6 PM. Will update post to include that as well!