Sunday, April 28, 2019

Little Wars 2019 Recap/Photos

For Little Wars 2019, the Chitown Wargamers, led by Ed Harding hosted a series of games under the Lard America (Midwest) banner.

Over the course of Friday/Saturday the Lard America group ran 10 different Lardie games:

  • Putot-en-Bessin: WW2 Chain of Command hosted by Jim Heniff
  • The Russians are Coming! 1760 - SYW SP2 hosted by Mark Huml
  • Broadsword and Bayonet at Dunkeld - Jacobite SP2 hosted by Ed Harding
  • Forrest's First Fight - ACW SP2 hosted by Liam Harding
  • An Italian Civil War in Spain - CoC:Espana hosted by Liam Harding
  • Brisk action at Hawke's Farm - ACW SP2 hosted by Paul Scrivens-Smith
  • Brazen Chariots - four WaT games hosted by Ed Harding

Lard America - Midwest (Deep dish anyone?)
In addition to our group's organized Lard America games, there were a few other people running Lardie games at the convention. Ed reached out to them at the con and they will be included under our banner next year. We hope to get a dedicated 'Club' area to organize and keep our games together.

Nearly every game had a full contingent of players, many of which had never played Lardie rule sets previously. Each WaT game had between six players and 12 players by the final game of the evening! We heard from our local game shop that one player came by and picked up 14 tanks and WaT rules after playing in the morning game!

This first post serves as a short recap, I will be adding photos I took across the games we organized. Hopefully I managed to do most games justice as all games looked great. Thanks to all who played and hope you enjoyed yourselves!


Jim's CoC WW2 15mm

Panzergrenadiers push the Canadians
Mark's - SYW SP2

Cossacks beat back by fire

Final positions
Liam's ACW SP2

Forrest prepares to enter

Forrest leads the charge
Forrest leads the.....retreat?

Final positions, Union counter-charge victorious

Guadalajara 1937

Garibaldi Battalion holds the manor

CV33/lf gets into the action

Falangist commander removes Garibaldi flag, onto Madrid!

Final positions

The sleepy town of Dunkeld

Highland cav rush to the flank

Paul's ACW SP2

Hawke's farm burns!

Reb soldiers try to protect Mollie's honor

Rommel relaxes outside Sidi Rezegh

Semovente hunting for targets...

Matilda meets Semovente

Hard day for the Eighth Army

Ed's medal for running five games, good job Ed!


  1. Great report on the games held on the day.

    Your dad has obviously provided a good foundation for you, some good games there.

    1. Yes, he did fantastic job organizing us all.

      Hoping to build on this for next year.

  2. Great stuff.
    Ed had to run five games to get a medal, Chris only had to burn down a farm to get his ;)